Used Sails

Over the many years that we’ve served local sailors for new sails, we have collected a limited inventory of serviceable used sails. Watch this page for a detailed listing of those sails.

In the meantime contact us with some details on your boat and or rig and we’ll happily review our records to try and find the right sail for you needs.

Some things to consider for used sails:

  • Do you need a furling sail? This may require a modification to the sail we have so that it will fit the groove on your headstay foil. Conversely, a sail of the right size may need to be converted to hanks if you hoist on a wire stay.
  • A “little too big” can work fine in the end – In most cases sails can be slightly shortened without effecting the performance of the sail.
  • Additional upgrades – We can advise if that old sail your interested could be improved by modifying it to include features like full-length battens or loose footing.

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