KP44 ‘Quoddy’s Run’ – Marike Finlay and Karin Cope

 After having sailed our KP44 in the tropics since 2004, we shipped her on Dockwise to Nanaimo this year. Unfortunately Quoddy’s Run sustained damage to her rigging and sails forward of the mast while en route.

As soon as we arrived at Blackline Marine, Canoe Cove, for repairs, Stuart Dahlgren, owner of UK Sails, was there to greet us and help sort out how to get us sailing again in short order. Several other sail makers couldn’t deliver for weeks if not months. We are writers and had a contract to do this summer on sailing in the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. Making our living depended on repairing the rig and replacing the sails in a timely manner.

First off, Stuart helped us remove our old shredded sails and took them away for storage. He measured the rig and gave us a quote and time line for new sails by next day. He also offered us very competitive pricing on a new full-battened main to replace our very tired old one. UK promised to have the sails ready 21/2 weeks after ordering and was extremely efficient at dealing with the insurance company to arrange for pre-payment in order to get the work under way. Stuart and Chris from UK measured again, and carefully discussed design with ourselves and Jeff, a professional skipper, and head rigger at Blackline. We decided to maximize the roach on the new mainsail, as well as cut the 125% Yankee so that it served more as a Genoa when fully unfurled and as a Yankee with the higher cut clew when furled to work with the staysail.

Meanwhile, once our rig had been repaired by Blackline we were ready to sail. UK had been so kind as to accept shipping of a gift used Genoa we received from a friend and quickly repair and modify it to fit our rig. Stuart personally delivered it to our boat at 6pm on Friday evening so that we could sail until the new sails arrived. Sharon, the loft manager also put a rush on cutting down one of two gift used spinnakers we received so that we had some light wind running-reaching capacity.

As promised, our new suit of sails was ready 2 1/2 weeks after ordering. Seamus and Daren from UK bent them on and then removed the main to modify the reefing system. Next day we were ready to sail. What a difference! Quoddy’s Run weighs 38,000 lbs. We used to have to motor in winds lighter than 8 knots. Now in 4-5 knots of wind we can make 3-31/2 knots under sail. And when the wind blows what a ride! We used to have to reef our main in 12-15 knots wind. Now we can fly the full main in up to 18 knots and keep the boat heeled less than 15 degrees. Our hull speed has increased phenomenally. Whhooo hoo!

After a fantastic sail in the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound we returned to Canoe Cove. We had a few questions about the sheeting of foresails. Immediately Stuart came down with the loft manager, Sharon MacBride – who assessed the situation, and decided upon a few small modifications to solve those issues. What is more, our mast has to be unstepped and the boat put in a shed for deck repairs. Stuart gracefully offered to remove and store over the winter not only the new sails UK made for us, but all of our other sails as well.

We are grateful to Stuart and his team at UK Sails for helping us to get sailing again as quickly as possible and what is more for their great sail designs which make our KP44 sail as fast as possible!


Farr 1220′ Kotuku’ – Graeme Esarey – First Place in Divsion, 2011 VanIsle 360

Graeme Esarey, Chris Dudenas

Kotuku’s success at the VanIsle 360 was really based on three things: great crew work, great shore support, and fast sails. UK Sailmakers Northwest supported the program in all three ways. Chris Dudenas was fantastic aboard the boat. He kept us focused on boatspeed, and was extremely effective as a coach and mentor. On the shore support side, our sails were ready when we needed them in spite of really challenging conditions and locations. And finally, our sails were fast. The new Tape-Drive Carbon main dramatically improved the boat’s performance in the light stuff and yet it was still fast when we had to reef down and beat up Johnstone Strait. The Code 0 pulled us out of holes much more effectively than our old light #1, and there were a lot of holes on the back side of the island. Our 1st place was a direct result of the help, advice, and great sails that we got from the team at UK Sailmakers Northwest.


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