Stuart & Joy Dahlgren – Owners

General Responsibilities: While Stuart is handing the general operation of the business and it’s day to day dealings, Joy is hands-on on the loft floor working under Sharon to learn the craft of sailmaking.

Favorite task/job: Helping customers maximize their boats with innovative sail solutions and rating optimization for racers. Looking at what people already have and what they want to do with their boats and helping figure out the best solutions for their budgets.

Personal interests: Is there something other than sailing? If there is this is the first we’re hearing of it because between work, a cruising boat and a racing boat, there is no time left in the day. The odd occasion where we are not sailing or working we like to spend time with our dog Melody, going for walks.



Sharon McBride – Repair & Service Manager

General Responsibilities: As a ticketed Journeyman Sailmaker I conduct assessments and prepare estimates for repair or upgrade work. Oversee all work done by loft team and ensure that we have all the necessary supplies/materials. Provide direct customer service  and complete billing.

Favorite Task/Job: Doing graphic inserts into Spinnakers

Personal interests: Reading, Gold panning, Gardening, Travel, Puzzles, Cooking and of course – sailing!




IMG_1175David O`Connor – Bellingham Location Manager

Dave has been an active sailmaker for 30+ years. He started his career learning the trade from John Staaf and Dave Leech at Staaf sails in Bellingham Wa. in the 80’s. Later moving to Maui and working at the R&D loft for Ezzy Sails International where he learned the art of precision sailmaking, building , testing, and modifying windsurfing sails then helping to implement the designs into production at the Sri Lanka production facility.

  After Dave’s twin daughters where born on the island in 1996 the decision was made to relocate to San Diego as a better place to raise kids. Dave joined the crew at Quantum Sails San Diego and worked for Three time Olympic medalist Mark Reynolds until the time came to complete the circle and return “Home” to the Northwest to finish raising his girls.
 “I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from some excellent sailmakers and have come away with a varied and in depth knowledge of everything from Windsurfing and Kitesurfing to Olympic class one designs, to World Cruisers and Weekend racers.
  It’s good to be back and starting another chapter in what’s been a very enjoyable career.
 Dave can be found sailing his Hotfoot 27 “Pau Hana” with his fiance Beth on weekends and weekday beer can races.



Kieran Horsburgh – Apprentice Sailmaker

General Responsibilities: Working on the loft floor. Installations and pick up of sails and canvas projects.

Favourite Task/Job: Sailing with clients making service calls to boats, getting to use “Arnold” the lofts big Zig Zag sewing machine

Personal interests: Cruising the Waters of BC, Travelling to big regattas. Water-sports in general, One design racing in big local or international fleets.





Sam Lipscomb – Apprentice Sailmaker

General Responsibilities: Working on the loft floor. Installations of sails and canvas projects.

Favourite Task/Job: Handwork (finishing details on sails), sailing with clients making service calls to boats.

Personal interests: Long Distance Short Handed Racing, Travelling to regattas, hiking and exploring new places also fishing with Dad.





Cathy Ward- Office Manager

Cathy Ward joined UKNW in 1997 as our bookkeeper and it didn’t take long to discover she’s far more familiar with spreadsheets than jib sheets.

After taking a sabbatical in 2007-2008 to spend time with her family before her daughter left to attend university in Scotland, Cathy returned to the loft in 2009.

As our Office Manager, Cathy will happily answer any questions you may have about your account and sadly, after all these years, is still our resident landlubber.