In addition to fantastic sails, our team produces top-quality marine canvas work at excellent prices.

From basic mainsail covers to replacing your custom cockpit enclosure all the way to our deluxe Lazy Cradle sail handling system, our team has the materials and expertise to make you something that will be attractive and function for many seasons. One of our specialties is window replacements in existing  canvas and dodgers. We have several different styles of window material in stock and are determined to find the right solution for your needs.

The UK Lazy Cradle

UK’s Lazy Cradle is absolutely the easiest way to put away your mainsail. Our sail handling system is a combination of an acrylic sail cover and lazy jacks. You simply lower the halyard, let the sail settle between the lazy jacks into the cover, and zip the cover closed. In moments your mainsail is neatly put away and protected from the sun.

With the Lazy Cradle catching the sail, the helmsman can’t get blinded by drapes of sailcloth while entering a harbor or narrow channel. No longer will you have to search for the sail cover or battle with it in a breeze. Just drop and zip.

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