Cruising Mainsails

Your mainsail is the most tireless worker on your boat. Every day you leave the harbor, it’s flying. Whether motoring through a glass calm or reefed down in 30 knots, the same mainsail gets
the call to action. To meet these demands, UK Sailmakers has developed many different mainsail options for cruising sailors. We offer materials from woven Dacron® to the most advanced laminates, as well as a wide choice of batten configurations. Woven Dacron® from DuPont is the most durable material for sailmaking – and we have years of experience with it. Fill-oriented, cross-cut Dacron sails are reasonably priced and can stand up years of heavy use in high winds and harsh sunlight.

But there are two lives to every sail – Physical Life and Performance Life. Physical Life is the sail’s ability to stay in one piece. Performance Life is the sail’s ability to maintain its aerodynamic shape. As sails age, they gradually lose their shape, or “blow out”, making your boat heel over, slowing you down and making sailing less comfortable.
For Physical Life alone, Dacron can’t be beat. But when Physical and Performance Life are both considered, modern laminates emerge as a strong alternative. Today’s high-tech laminated sails offer better sail shape, greater performance.

Cruising Furling Headsails

Passagemakers are UK’s line of roller furling genoas. They incorporate all the features that cruising sailors want most — a foam luff, reefing reinforcements and a rugged UV cover on the leech and foot. As the name implies, dependability is the Passagemaker’s middle name. These genoas are built extra strong to provide all the advantages of a full luff genoa with the convenience being able to easily reef to a smaller genoa. UK builds Passagemakers using three different constructions to meet your needs.

Try our our Sail Construction Selector to see what construction type would be the best fot for the sailing you do.